Purchasing a property can be a lengthy process, so it is important to understand what it entails. Solicitors for both parties will liaise which each other and their clients throughout the proceedings. They will draw up draft contracts, check ID’s, complete searches, handle property reports, and complete any Land Registry forms. 


Types of searches


Your solicitor will usually carry out a series of searches on the property. Some of the searches carried out may include: 


Environmental report


The environmental report will tell you if there is any potential contamination on the land. 


Flood Report


Is the location subject to flood risk?


Water and drainage search


Is the property connected to mains water and is the drain connected to the sewers?


Local authority searches. This will red light any planning permission that has been granted or is likely to be underway. It will also tell you if the building is in a conservation area. 

Environmental. This search will give you information about possible flood risk, land contamination, and ground stability.