Buying Commercial Property

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Buying Commercial Property


Whether your business is investing in its first commercial property, or you are
looking to add to an already sizeable portfolio, buying a commercial property
needs to be done correctly. It can be a complicated process and, without the
right legal support, any unresolved difficulties could have severe consequences
for your business.

Kaiser Solicitors are ideally equipped to get this important process completed
for you successfully, and with your business interests fully protected. Our
experienced lawyers understand the commercial realities of buying business
property, and this awareness drives every aspect of our work for you.

We are committed to providing efficient and reliable services and because we
work on a fixed-fee basis, you will know in advance exactly how much our legal
support will cost.

Get in touch with one of our lawyers today, and discuss how we can help your
business with buying commercial property.


What’s involved when buying commercial property?


If you would like a general idea of the purchase process, have a look at our
infographic on ‘Buying Commercial Property’.

Any purchase of any land or property is widely acknowledged to be an involved
and stressful process. With commercial property, there is the added risk to your
business interests if everything does not go according to plan. The principle of
‘buyer beware’ means that if comprehensive, pre-purchase investigations have
not been carried out, for example, your organisation could be left with
unforeseen difficulties.

However, with first-class legal support, these ‘nightmare’ situations are easy to
avoid. Our team of experts can assist at every stage of the purchase by:

  • Advising and negotiating on the heads of terms at the start of the process.
  • Obtaining property search results – such as local authority searches,
    environmental searches, water and drainage searches, and others
    relevant for the property.
  • Investigating and advising on any issues with the title of the commercial
    property, all with the context of your business objectives in mind.
  • Advising and negotiating in relation to the sale agreement, ensuring that
    contractual protections for your business are in place.
  • Handling the transfer of funds and legal ownership.


Who can we help?


At Kaiser Solicitors, we are firmly committed to making our services available for
all kinds of different businesses and individuals. We act for landlords, tenants,
and organisations of all sizes.

Contact us today to arrange legal assistance with buying a commercial property.
If you would like further information or to want to chat about your situation,
please feel free to get in touch.