What do you need a commercial lease for?

A commercial lease is a legally binding document which sets out the terms of a lease agreement between a landlord and tenant.  It provides the tenant with the right to use the premises for commercial activity.  It is an essential aspect of the legal process as it provides protection for both landlord and tenant by clearly setting out the specific aspects of the lease agreement between them.  The nature of commercial leasing means that the type of business use varies enormously.  The best commercial lease lawyers will approach each case on an individual basis, ensuring that the requirements of the lease agreement are examined with a fine-tooth comb. The terms of each lease can be very different, meaning that expert knowledge of commercial lease procedures and legal fees is required.

When entering a commercial agreement, it is important to understand the difference between a residential and commercial lease agreement.  Commercial lease agreements are produced with the understanding that both parties have a level of knowledge and understanding about the type of business arrangement they are entering into.  This does give both tenant and landlord a degree of freedom when negotiating, depending on their specific business needs.  However, this does also mean that there is less automatic governmental protection than in a residential lease agreement.  Engaging a commercial lease solicitor gives you protection and peace of mind when signing your lease agreement.

The nature of commercial leases means that it is crucial to engage an expert commercial lease lawyer.  The detailed and extensive nature of a commercial lease and the potential for negotiation in the fine print require knowledge and experience only found in a commercial property law firm. A good commercial lease should provide a clear definition of all aspects of the agreement. For example, the length of the agreement, the purpose of the lease, the agreement over shared areas and any other relevant details. Having a written commercial lease is protection for both landlord and tenant in the event of a dispute.  Should there be a challenge to the terms of the lease, a court will be obligated to refer to the terms of a written agreement.

At Kaiser Solicitors we have a reputation as the best commercial solicitors because of our excellent work in the field of commercial leasing.  Our extensive client list includes a wide range of commercial ventures, meaning we are the solicitor of choice to look after your unique needs. Whether you are buying a business in Leeds, and are taking over a commercial lease, or looking into becoming a commercial property landlord, we have the experience and knowledge to advise you.