How to Buy or Sell a Bike Shop



Due to Covid-19, the government has closed many storefront businesses to ensure safety of the wider population. The businesses that may remain open have been limited to the shops considered ‘essential’ by the government.

Bicycle shops are one of the businesses that may remain open. This means that they are able to continue trading during the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in.

Buying a bike shop need not be difficult, with the right help you can get it done in a simple manner.



Should I Buy a Bicycle Shop?



Bicycle shops are an essential part of British society. Many people go to and from work on bicycles, and many more people cycle in order to keep fit. It is therefore very important that these bicycles are kept in working order. It may be that someone has not cycled for years but has how now decided that it’s a great way to keep fit during the lockdown. 


Cycling has become much more popular over recent years. Bikes are more environmentally friendly than cars or buses and are a great alternative to taking the train. 


If you are looking to buy your first business in the bicycle shop business there are startup loans backed by the UK government that may be available to you.


Buying a business is a massive undertaking and it can be quite stressful for first time buyers and even experienced entrepreneurs can find it daunting, as it is a time where a lot is at stake. Selling your business can also cause a lot of worry, as you’ll want to ensure that you get the most out of the sale of your business, without putting off prospective buyers. 


Kaiser Solicitors are here to help. We will give you sound advice and keep you informed every step of the way- contact us now to get a free no obligation quote.


So, if you are looking for a business to invest in, or if you are a bicycle shop owner looking to sell, Kaiser Solicitors can assist in making your dreams come true.