Who needs a commercial lease?


A commercial lease is a contract entered into by both landlords and tenants in a business setting.  As a tenant, you may be a sole trader, small business owner, or part of a larger corporate group looking to lease office or business space.  To rent any property for business purposes you will require a commercial lease from a commercial lease solicitor to secure your premises. You may be the landlord of a commercial property and wish to lease it out.  Either way, a commercial lease is there to protect the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Clearly, your specific needs and requirements may differ, depending on your position as a landlord or tenant. Therefore, it is essential that you seek expert advice from a respected commercial leasing solicitor to make sure you are satisfied with the terms of your commercial lease and understand the commercial lease fees associated with the agreement.


As a tenant, it is crucial that you use a specialist commercial lease lawyer to look at any lease in detail before you sign it.  It is standard practice to negotiate terms of leases, but it is always better to employ someone with detailed knowledge of commercial property to work on your behalf.  For example, if you are a new business owner and feel nervous about committing to a lengthy lease, experienced commercial property lease solicitors may negotiate concessions in your contract.  These could include a break clause, allowing you to end your lease early, or an opportunity to sublease.


Kaiser Solicitors are proud to be Leeds’ Best Commercial Lease Solicitors.  We have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee you that our commercial lease team can navigate you through the transaction in a way that will protect and safeguard your commercial business interests.  Commercial leases are complex legal documents and at Kaiser Solicitors we use our extensive experience to ensure your lease is tailored to your individual requirements.  We take the time to understand your business needs and to ensure that both landlord and tenant are satisfied with the implications and obligations of their lease. If you need a commercial lease solicitor in Leeds then contact us today.