How to Buy a Launderette


Since the government lockdown, things have been hard for everyone. A lot of businesses have had to close their doors for the time being and rely on government funding. 


Luckily launderettes are one of the businesses deemed essential by the government and therefore they are allowed to keep operating. This means that people without washing machines can still ensure that their clothes are cleaned on a regular basis. 


Hundreds of thousands of people in the UK do not own their own washing machine.. It is mainly people who live in cities who use launderettes as they may not have room at home for a washing machine, or they may not be able to afford to buy one. 


It is more important than ever that we all have access to cleaning services as viruses can live on clothing for a short period of time. 


Should I Buy a Launderette?


Although launderettes are not as popular as they once were, peaking at over 10,000 in the nineteen eighties and dwindling to as few as 3,000 today, they are still a necessity for many people. 


Hospitals, hotels and the catering industry also use commercial launderettes to clean their uniforms and bedding. Many smaller launderettes have recently been drafted in to help clean hospital bedding and gowns. 


Although hotels are closed for business, there are a handful of hotels and boarding houses that are housing homeless and vulnerable people during the pandemic. 


Launderettes are busy places and many people will be looking to invest once again in these essential businesses. 


So if you are looking to buy or sell a launderette, Kaiser solicitors are here to help.  With decades of experience, we will ensure that we negotiate the best contract possible. Aside from this we offer clear, succinct advice, and will make sure that the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.