My name is Sarah and I have recently joined Kaisers in an assistant position.

This is my first role since finishing a history degree at Leeds Beckett. I’ve decided to stay in Leeds since finishing university and
I’m happy with my choice after having a great first month working at Kaisers. To follow is a little
about my time in the role so far.

Having had quite a few administration roles in multiple offices during my university breaks, I thought
I knew what to expect having become quite experienced in the first days in new offices. Joining
Kaisers was completely different for me as it’s a small but expanding team. I quickly found my feet in
the team and I’m enjoying how quickly my role within it is progressing as I learn and benefit from
being surrounded by people with experience.

In the first month have definitely picked up the company’s strong values. Kaisers is a solicitor
dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of buying businesses of all sizes from high street
shops to limited companies or giving owners a stress-free hand towards stepping back from their
company. Kaisers also helps landlords and tenants achieve leases that suit the business’s goals and
aims. No case is the same from helping tenants set up yoga schools to seeing café owners pass on
successful shops. I’ve had the chance in my first month to understand cases in detail which have
given me a passion to aspire to the strong values and standard set by Kaisers.

So far in my first month, I have learned a lot!

I enjoyed learning about the searches recommended to
clients in regard to property. Searches look for a range of things which include if a property is built
on land previously contaminated from factories going back to the industrial revolution. They also
provide information such as if property could be affected by HS2 or suspectable to floods.

I’ve had a great first month filled with success and a lot of learning. Personal goals I have set for my
next few months are to be able to explain a lease and when I have expanded my experience in the
future, I would love to work towards managing my own files and training as a solicitor perhaps.