Change a pub to a takeaway for Lockdown


Restaurants and pubs like many other businesses are being forced to adapt in order to survive during the Covid 19 pandemic. Whilst having to close their doors to walk-in customers these businesses are allowed to continue operating as a takeaway service, so many of them are converting their use to supply takeaway food and drink. Many other sectors heave been able to stay open too, such as hardware stores, vets and laundrettes.


This makes great business sense as it means that your business can keep turning over sales even during a strict lock-down. Businesses must remember to inform their local authorities that they are converting to a takeaway service – and this will only apply for 12 months. In the past restaurants or pubs wishing to do this had to apply for separate planning permission.


How to repurpose premises with a lease

If you are leasing your business property you will have to check with your landlord whether your lease allows you to convert the premises to a takeaway only service. There is always a chance that this will not be possible due to local council rules.


You may or may not be allowed to sell alcohol off the premises of your licensed establishment – you will have to check the stipulations of your license.


Many businesses are teaming up with established delivery services, whilst some are undertaking the delivery of the foods themselves.


Will it cost money to get Covid ready?

Adapting your business will probably incur some costs. You may have to redesign your kitchen, or purchase takeaway containers, bags, and hire a delivery driver. Hopefully, any expenses will pay off in returns once your delivery service is up and running.


Things change quickly during a pandemic. You may wish to consult a solicitor to ensure that you are operating within the law. They may also be able to offer you advice about your commercial property lease or mortgage.