Buying a business during the Covid 19 pandemic 


Most businesses have had to adapt to the changing landscape brought into being by the Covid 19 pandemic. Some industries have thrived, whilst others have been forced to close their doors, but one thing is for certain – the way that we do business has been irrevocably changed. 


Maybe you were about to start your own business just as the pandemic hit the UK? Maybe you were about to start your own business just as the
pandemic hit the UK? Maybe you’re now thinking of buying a pre-existing business that has proved to be resistant to the economic downturn? There are certainly some benefits to going down this road.


1. You won’t have to develop your brand, you can walk right into a tried and tested profitable business.
2. The previous owner can show you the ropes.
3. You’ll save money in the short term by not having to spend loads of cash on advertising and brand definition.


Should I buy a business during Covid pandemic?


A lot of people have lost their jobs recently and a lot of businesses have had to close. But some sectors of industry have thrived, such as:




Bicycle shops


Funeral directors



Delivery companies

Garden centres


Remember buying a small business can be challenging and stressful at the best of times as it is an extremely complex legal process and during the lockdown when we are not able to be as mobile as we usually are it is extremely important that you have a highly experienced and trustworthy solicitor working on your behalf. This will ensure that you are guided through the process from the outset. It is imperative that you understand what is going on at every juncture. 


Buying a business is always a risk, but buying a recession resistant business could be a way of ensuring some financial security during these unprecedented times.